The Jamesville-DeWitt High School, in DeWitt, NY, opened in the fall of 1954.  The school's fourth graduating class, the Class of 1958, met in the summer of 2008 for a 50th reunion.  Those present for the photograph:

Row-1   (bottom)  left-to-right:

Susan Delmonico Ross, Sheila Barrett Mueller, Joan Mayberry Kelly, Phyllis Maguire Fanizzi, Julia McIntyre Hines, Aija Briedis Day, Elizabeth Mayberry Mushlit, Elinor "Ellie" Marden Weith.

Row-2   left-to-right:

Carol Burlingame Clendening, Virginia "Ginny" Strieff Reals, Elizabeth "Betsy" Lathrop Stoker, Barbara Bernardelli Frank, Charlene Wallace Furbush, Linda Eckerson Schmitt, Bob Bailey, Yvonne Knapp Boburka, Douglas Shaffer.

Row-3   left-to-right:

William Myers, Linda Predmore Sorrell, James Northway, David Paul, William Applegate, John Hemmer, Richard Pickett, Francis Parker James, William Massey, Joan Murray La Vergne, Katherine "Katie" Johnson Keim.

Row-4   (top)  left-to-right: 

Harry Greenwood, David Freeman, Grant Lannon, Charles Gladle, William Tily, Stephen Curry, Kenneth Jerome, Robert Newton, Ronald Buckley.

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